Casting high-quality team to create enterprise brilliance! Zhongxinkai Energy Group

                                                    On December 8, in order to better stimulate the work passion of employees and enhance the team consciousness and sense of belonging of all employees, all employees of Suzhou zhongxinkai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. carried out an outdoor expansion activity with the theme of "casting high-quality teams and creating enterprise brilliance" in Xishan Scenic Spot of Taihu Lake.



                                                    Carrying out outdoor expansion training is conducive to employees' relaxation, temper their will and enhance their perseverance; It helps to enhance the sense of responsibility of employees and cultivate positive values; It is conducive to strengthening mutual communication between teams, cultivating team cooperation spirit, and enhancing team cohesion and combat effectiveness.



                                                    In the outdoor expansion training, we worked together to complete a number of training projects. By learning, discussing and thinking in the activities, we not only realized the essence of team trust, effective communication, transposition thinking, reasonable organization and team cooperation, displayed the spirit of tenacious struggle and high spirited progress, but also enhanced the communication, cohesion, execution and combat effectiveness.


                                                    Outdoor outward bound training can not only exercise the body and temper the will, but also harmonize feelings and enhance understanding. After the training, everyone will cheer up and devote themselves to work in a better mental state.


                                                    This outdoor expansion activity has effectively enhanced the cohesion and combat effectiveness of zhongxinkai energy; It encouraged the courage and confidence of the team elites to overcome difficulties, and took a more solid step for the company to forge a market-oriented and dedicated team. Facing the uncertain external environment, we should constantly improve our learning ability and team communication and cooperation ability; In the days to come, as long as we have the courage to challenge and face it, believe in the great team of zhongxinkai energy and the power of the big family of zhongxinkai energy, there will be no insurmountable gap and difficulties. Keep the mission in mind and make concerted efforts. I believe we will create a more brilliant tomorrow!